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Hydroponic Farming

Posted On : July 16, 2022

Adding to plenty of new technologies that are emerging every day in all of the fields, agriculture is also stepping in to a new era of farming developing new technologies to grow food with minimal effort and resources. When people talk about hydroponic culture, it sounds interesting and it has something to do with healthy food! We have put across a crisp content to understand what hydroponic farming exactly is and what is it all about.

What is Hydroponic farming?

The word hydro itself says that it has something to do with water significantly! Yes, hydroponic farming is a type of farming where the soil is skipped to grow plants. The plant roots are kept in a water nutrient solution instead. Sometimes it is also kept inside moist materials such as Rock wool and Vermiculite. Are you surprised if it is even possible to do this way? Yes, it is possible to grow plants in a mixture of plants nutrients in the water.

The Plants are placed in both ways, it can either be in a static water solution or in a flowing nutrient mixture which would be flowing across the plants continuously. Hydroponic farming requires more attention compared to traditional farming.

Essentials of Hydroponic farming:

When it comes to starting some method or a way of doing a thing, it is important to understand, know and Implement what is required on a mandatory basis. This way people can see the good output.

Fresh water with balanced pH plays a vital role. It is necessary to use water with a pH levels 6 to 6.5 to see great growth in plants.

Oxygen! Of course as to how fresh water is required, fresh air is equally important for the plants to grow well. Depending upon the setup, either a good space between plants has to be there or originating the container has to be done.

Supports for the roots to stay firm! Since there is no soil involved in this process of farming, there should be some help for the roots to be firm and tight. Few materials like vermiculite, perlite, and coconut fiber can help.

Sufficient nutrients and supplements! Plants would need a good amount of nutrients to grow soon and well. Magnesium, potassium and other nutrients would greatly improve the health and growth of the plants. As to how nutrients are mixed with soil in traditional farming, these nutrients are mixed well with water in hydroponic farming.

Sunlight is the key! Sunlight is essential for rich plant growth. If indoor plants are grown, then some special way of arranging lights or a way through which they observe sunlight has to be done.

Advantages of growing plants without soil:

Skipping soil in farming is revolutionary for sure! But there is a strong reason behind it. It allows anyone to produce food anywhere in the world independent of the soil type. This can be done at any time in the year, yielding great output with fewer resources in place. Grow plants anywhere! Growing plants concerning to seasons in a suitable soil condition is a major concern nowadays, changing temperature just adds up to that. There are so many deserts and jungles where the ground is not good enough for farming.

With the help of hydroponic farming, hyper food can be grown. Farms are set up in the right container. It is possible to put up the farm anywhere irrespective of the ground condition, it can even be back of the home or a restaurant. Plants grow very well in well maintained hydroponic containers resulting in a good way of living life with healthy food. According to research growth rates vary depending upon the care and the type of system we use, but it is 25 percent more quickly than the same plant grown in the soil. This definitely increases the crop yield.

Best Part – Fewer Resources:

The best part of hydroponic farming is the usage of resources. It is proven that water is used lesser in hydroponic farming than in the traditional way of farming. The reason is closed systems are not subjected to the same rates of evaporation. The water also can be filtered and repopulated with nutrients!

Hydroponic Farming is for sure something very interesting that yields great results with minimal resources.

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