Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide

Rajeshwari Organic- Sheep and Goat Manure - 1 KG


200 - 250

Sheep and Goat Manure - 1 KG

Rajeshwari Organic is unique to give PURE 100% Organic Fertilizer for customers, Manure are collected from own HERD. We have 150 Nos of SHEEP & 50 Nos of GOAT. 1) Directly collected from our own HERD 2) It's 100% Organic Fertilizer. 3) No Chemical & Soil 4) Product Doesn't mixed with any Other animal dung. 5) It can be used all the Plants, Home Garden, Vegetables, Fruit, and Flower. 6) It is more Healthier and Higher CROP YIELD 7) Cleaned well, Segregated with no Stones and Unwanted material. 8) Easy to apply and Non Sticky.